化痰止咳茶-Hua-tan-zhi-ke-cha-半夏-Pinellia化痰止咳茶-Hua-tan-zhi-ke-cha-密枣-Dates化痰止咳茶-Hua-tan-zhi-ke-cha-川贝-fritillaria化痰止咳茶-Hua-tan-zhi-ke-cha-桔并-Ji bing化痰止咳茶-Hua-tan-zhi-ke-cha-沙参-Glehnia化痰止咳茶-Hua-tan-zhi-ke-cha-百合-Lilium-brownii化痰止咳茶-Hua-tan-zhi-ke-cha-陈皮-citrus

Cough Relieve Herbal Soup – Hua Tan Zhi Ke Cha (化痰止咳茶) – Pack pf 7


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Product Description

This 化痰止咳茶 Hua Tan Zhi Ke Cha herbal soup is easy to prepare and good for the following:

  • cough
  • clear phlegm


  • Fritillaria 川贝
  • Citrus 陈皮
  • Pinellia 半夏
  • Ji bing 桔并
  • Glehnia 沙参
  • Lilium brownii 百合
  • Dates 密枣

Cooking Instructions:

  • Boil ingredients in 500 ml of water until about 350 ml of water left.
  • Ready to serve.

This soup is for clear phlegm and relieves persistent coughs.

Net Weight: 80 gm

Packaging: Comes in a set of 7 individual soup packs for 21 days dosage.


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