党参 Codonopsis pilosula密枣 Dates杞子 Boxthorn Fruit熟地 rehmannia glutinosa玉竹 Polygonatum Odoratum茯苓 Porra Cocos麦冬 ophiopogon japonicus

Lung Strengthening Herbal Soup – Zi Yin Run Fei Tang (滋阴润肺汤) – Pack of 7


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Product Description

This 滋阴润肺汤 Zi Yin Run Fei Tang Lung Strengthening herbal soup is easy to prepare and good for the following:

  • recovery from illness
  • strengthen the lungs


  •  Rehmannia glutinosa 熟地
  •  Ophiopogon japonicus 麦冬
  • Codonopsis Pilosula 党参 (Dang Shen)
  • Boxthorn Fruit 杞子
  • Porra Cocos 茯苓
  • Polygonatum Odoratum 玉竹
  • Dates 蜜枣

Cooking Instructions:

  • Cook 750ml of water with 500g of meat and ingredients for 1  1/2 hours.
  • Or double boil under slow fire for 3 hours. Ready to serve.

This soup is effective for lung strengthening, body and respiratory system, especially after a prolonged illness that leads to a weaker body and immune system.

Net Weight: 100 gm

Packaging: Comes in a set of 7 individual soup packs for 21 days dosage.


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