补气活血汤-Bu-Qi-Huo-Xue-Tang-党参-Codonopsis-pilosula补气活血汤-Bu-Qi-Huo-Xue-Tang-北芪-Astragalus-Menbranaceus补气活血汤-Bu-Qi-Huo-Xue-Tang-大枣-Dates补气活血汤-Bu-Qi-Huo-Xue-Tang-姬松耳-Agaricus Brazei-Muril-Mushroom补气活血汤-Bu-Qi-Huo-Xue-Tang-杞子-Boxthorn-Fruit补气活血汤-Bu-Qi-Huo-Xue-Tang-淮山-Dioscorea-Opposita补气活血汤-Bu-Qi-Huo-Xue-Tang-灵芝-Glossy-Ganoderma补气活血汤-Bu-Qi-Huo-Xue-Tang-玉竹-Polygonatum-Odoratum

Fatigue Relief Herbal Soup – Bu Qi Huo Xue Tang (补气活血湯) – Pack of 7


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Product Description

This 补气活血湯 Bu Qi Huo Xue Tang herbal soup is easy to prepare and good for the following:

  • fight fatigue
  • relieve tiredness
  • promoting blood circulation
  • strengthening your body resistance
  • promoting metabolism


  • Agaricus Brazei Muril Mushroom
  • Glossy Ganoderma
  • Codonopsis Pilosula
  • Boxthorn Fruit  杞子 (Goji)
  • Dioscorea Opposita
  • Astragalus Membranaceus
  • Polygonatum Odoratum
  • Dates

Cooking Instructions:

  • Cook ingredients with 1000ml of water and 300g of lean meat for 3 hours.

This soup is effective for relieving tiredness and fatigue symptoms, improving blood circulation, and strengthening body resistance.

Nett Weight: 100 gms

Packaging: Comes in a set of 7 individual soup packs for a 21 day dosage



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