川芎 Ligusticum wallichii当归 Angelica Sinensis木瓜 dried papaya杞子 Boxthorn Fruit灵芝 glossy ganoderma炙草 Glycyrrhiza uralensis熟地 rehmannia glutinosa白芍 paeonia lactiflora麦冬 ophiopogon japonicus

Anxiety Relief Herbal Soup – Qiang Xin Bu Gan Tang (强心补肝湯) – Pack of 7


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Product Description

This 强心补肝湯 Qiang Xin Bu Gan Tang herbal soup is easy to prepare and good for the following:

  • anxiety relief
  • depression relief
  • promoting blood circulation
  • strengthening your liver
  • strengthening your body resistance
  • promoting metabolism


  • Glossy Ganoderma 灵芝
  • Angelica Sinensis 当归 (Ginseng)
  • Ligusticum Wallichii 川芎
  • Paeonia Lactiflora 白芍
  • Rehmannia Glutinosa 熟地
  • Boxthorn Fruit  杞子 (Goji)
  • Glycyrrhiza Uralensis 炙草
  • Dried Papaya 木瓜
  • Ophiopogon Japonicus 麦冬

Cooking Instructions:

  • Rinse herbs with water
  • Soak herbs in 1000ml of water for half an hour
  • Boil the herbs together with water for 2 hours and serve
  • You may wish to add 300 grams of meat and cook together with herbs if preferred

This soup is effective for relieving anxiety and depression symptoms, blood circulation, and strengthening the liver system and body resistance.

Nett Weight: 80 gms

Packaging: Comes in a set of 7 individual soup packs for a 21 day dosage



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