Illness Recovery Herbal Soup – Ginseng Qing Bu Tang (清补人参汤) – Pack of 7


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Product Description

This 清补人参汤 Ginseng Qing Bu Tang illness recovery herbal soup is easy to prepare and good for the following:

  • improving blood circulation
  • illness recovery
  • enhance immunity
  • improve body resistance


  • Ginseng 人参
  • Dioscorea Opposita 淮山
  • Boxthorn Fruit 杞子
  • Polygonatum Odoratum 玉竹
  • Dates 蜜枣

Cooking Instructions:

  • Prepare 500gm of meat or chicken.
  • Fill pot with 1500ml (Six bowls) of water. Put chicken or meat into the pot of water and boil for 1 1/2 hours under slow fire.
  • Suitable for all ages.

This soup is effective to improve immunity and body resistance, improving blood circulation.  Especially good for those who has just recovered from an illness.

Net Weight: 110 gm

Packaging: Comes in a set of 7 individual soup packs for 21 days dosage.


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