Blood Circulation Enhancement Herbal Soup – Chicken with Big Dates & Wine (大枣烧酒鸡) – Pack of 7


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Product Description

This 大枣烧酒鸡 Chicken with Big Dates & Wine Blood Circulation Enhancement herbal soup is easy to prepare and good for the following:

  • blood circulation
  • promote metabolism
  • enhance body resistance


  • Ligusticum wallichii 川芎
  • Glycyrrhiza Uralensis 甘草
  • Cinnamamum Cassia 肉桂粉
  • Angelica Sinensis 当归
  • Paeonia Lactiflora 白芍
  • Date 黑枣
  • Boxthorn Fruit (Lycium Chinese) 杞子

Cooking Instructions:

  • Cut chicken or meat into pieces.
  • Fill pot with 1000 ml water (four bowls). Place sachet in water & boil together for 15 mins.
  • Boil chicken under high flame till chicken is half cooked. Add rice wine (1-3 bottles) according to taste, stew till chicken is cooked.
  • Add pepper or other ingredients according to taste and serve.

This soup is to promote metabolism, blood circulation, enhance body resistance and self-regulating rhythm of the body.

Net Weight: 75 gm

Packaging: Comes in a set of 7 individual soup packs for 21 days dosage.


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