About Us

It all started with facing some hiccups and problems at work causing Keson and Adeline, both from Singapore, to take a break in the comfort of New Zealand.

What was supposed to be a relaxing trip just to recharge turned out to be a trip of surprise and excitement when they found out Adeline was pregnant with their first born! They wanted to ensure Adeline would be in the pink of health and be properly nourished with wholesome, nutritional herbs but driving all around New Zealand, they realised the beautiful place was filled with groups of Asians throughout, but so few Asian supermarkets and herb stores to meet their needs! Asian supermarkets were located (not very) conveniently at Auckland and Christchurch, only accessible via drives of 45 minutes or more.

Not the most convenient or best news!

Wanting to share the goodness of Chinese herbs, they have thus set up The Good Herbs Company, helping you to get your Chinese herbs easily and conveniently, even when it’s the most inconvenient for you. Each herb is carefully sought out, well described, and hand packed with the finest care and quality, so you don’t have to worry one bit.
This is the story of The Good Herbs Company, so that the problems they’ve faced before, won’t be problems faced by you too.